Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are you sleeping?

My in-laws are visiting from Portland this week. My father-in-law is always very interested in how well the baby is sleeping, how well she's eating and other such things. Last night I was bragging to him about how we started sleep training pretty early and that she sleeps for ten to eleven hours in a row. Fast forward to three-thirty this morning, I was awoken by Amelia playfully kicking the side of her bed. I figured she would go back to sleep in a few minutes so I left her alone. She continued to kick for another ten minutes and then she got bored and started crying. I gave that a few minutes then I put her binkie back in her mouth and laid down. Not a minute later, she started crying again so I put her binkie back in again. We did this song and dance routine for an HOUR. I had the same thing happen when Fern was a baby (but more extreme). When Fern was two months old she inexplicably started sleeping twelve hours in a row. After a month of that I told a few people (read- all of my friends on facebook). It seemed like the moment I talked about it the spell was broken and she promptly went back to waking up EVERY.THREE.HOURS. So I guess you could say I didn't learn my lesson then but I have certainly learned it now! We'll see how Amelia does tonight. This time around, though, I am armed with more information on outsmarting babies.

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